Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Today was pet-food day. Oh and recapture the AWOL chicken day. One had wondered out of the 'bago, as they'd finished their food, and the front edge wasn't down hard. Fortunately the chooks are very tame, so I just walked slowly up to her and she let me pick her up and take her back. I brought them all some little bits of fish as a reward and apology. They take them from my fingers, bit pecky but it does make them very tame. I'd better feed them early tomorrow.

We minced 27 days ration of cat fish, and 21 days of dog-roo cubes cut, bagged and frozen. We like to do these in big batches so it's not an every day chore. Thank heavens for freezers. I like to live in the past but with modern conveniences.

We're having our last peaceful night for about 5...
I thought life in the country was supposed to be slow and quiet, and good for my work!

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