Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bouncing in boats

Well, we went down to Lady Barron (dodging runners on the Pub-to-pub run (Francis, what could appeal more - except better beer too))to go for a trial in my off-island friend's boat-to-be. It's an aluminium tri-hull and handles everything well but turns at speed. I was quite impressed with it in a nasty short chop - Appropriate as the seller is a butcher. We were doing about 23 knots in 2 foot waves and you needed bendy knees - but it had the free-board to let you stand. The tide-race between Flinders and Cape Barren Islands is actually terrifyingly strong - what happens when you put a few big constricting lumps of rock in front of a couple of metres of water... a few miles wide. We really ought to be able to power the islands off that channel.

Unfortunately we didn't stop to catch any fish.

Other than that I've worked a bit, gardened a little - lettuce is coming through very well, and tried a different method with squid wings and tentacles. It was very average, so I probably won't bother again. We use the tubes - both as rings and for stuffing - a lot. I tend use the wings and to lesser extent tentacles for bait - thing is they're pretty good bait for deep water flathead... good in that they catch and good in that the bait stays on. So our supply of wings is quite high, and tubes are not. So I am looking for good uses for squid wings.


  1. If this is an annual event then clearly I know precisely the right time of year to visit ....

  2. Dave, lots of uses in recipes for squid wings. Use in risotto's, as stuffing for squid tubes, making fish stock, fried up with panko crumbs,mmm, now I'm hungry :P

  3. Yesterday I told myself not to ask, but today I wanna know.

    If you fastened your squid wings to your mice, do you think you could get them to fly farther?

    Of course, this could start something. I can see the news reports now. "New Breed of Flying Mice Invades Flinders! Where Did They Come From?"

    And think of the mousetraps! Why, people would beat a path to your doorstep...