Monday, September 5, 2011

Manic monday

Well, just another manic Monday - very little actual story writing done, but 4K of writing - an interview and my post for Mad Genius club, and Monday is my baking day - I do our rolls for the week, and every second week I make a batch of bikkies (cookies) - usually Anzacs because I can do these in my sleep. This week we're having potato and oat and raisins (I cut the flour, just as the Portuguese in Mozambique did, with potato to save flour. I can grow potatoes. Have to buy flour), and potato, tomato, fennel and olive and cheese savory rolls (we alternate one sweet one savory days). I like to vary it all a bit. More website wrestling this morning but Tania is slowly getting to look like a site, which we can hopefully sell some books from. When Barbs got in we had lunch, took the dogs for a run (and they found a dead seabird... and didn't roll in it or eat it. The end is nigh.) and then went to cut some wood. And tonight I am going out with the licensed 'roo shooter, so hopefully some more wallaby for us and the dogs. We took out a batch of fish to thaw to mince for the cats, but it's in fridge, have to wait for chaos Tuesday...

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