Thursday, September 15, 2011

skylights, veggies

Well, Barbs just sent me a u-tube thingy of how to make skylight from an old coke bottle. Only trouble is it pre-supposes no ceiling, which I think in our climate might be a little harsh. Anyway summer is knocking in the distance, when we have too much light, rather than other way around. I've decided that tomorrow I need to get the seeds in to seed-trays, come hell or high water.

So far no sign of the buckwheat germinating. Not sure if I planted it too shallow. The weather continues foul - should be idea for germination for cool weather plants. We're doing well on lettuce and broccoli, carrots, and spinach and Swiss Chard (silverbeet), and have a little out of season bulb fennel, although it is going to seed. I see a few pea flowers, but not many. My success with sugar snaps has always been tepid. I've got some broad beans in, although they're such a waste of space crop.

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