Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's been raining again -- which is good for work, the garden, the cows etc. The chickens are not pleased and I can't say I enjoy it much either. I must be a fowl creature. Planted out lettuces today, and two tomato plants... now I hear we expect frost on Sunday.

Our dance instructress was off sick so the Scottish dancing was conducted by various dancers... including Barbs.

I see muttonbird oil has vitamin D in it. True enough in winter I don't expose much skin to the sun. Not sure if I can bring myself to drink this!


  1. After living for two years in Colorado and a year in Yakima (both very dry places), I missed the rain a lot. I suppose it's all down to what you were used to - growing up in England I'm practically a duck.

  2. Hi Cheryl. From Gladstone in QLD, Oz, where when it rains it means it, and when it don't it means it for months! We've got drought indications (that is, no rain :-) ) and every morning you wake up to smoke, as they burn all the grasslands in and around our city. I'm getting a little annoyed at the daily bleeding nose problems. Ptui, erk and ugh.

  3. Hi Dave,

    Sort of on and off topic.

    When we moved to Gladstone, we rented a home. Over 18 months, I repainted the outside, repaired and painted the carport and we built several gardens.

    Unfortunately, the landlord's wife commenced phoning my wife complaining we lived in a better home than she did. Anyway, the landlord accused my wife of lying, not an acceptable behaviour and we moved on.

    Our landlord complained bitterly to us about the beautiful garden beds and trees we had established. His future tenants wouldn't gladly pay for the water needed to maintain our works and we should not have done so.

    Forgetting the past, reason for writing is your future. You have eliminated lawns and created vege gardens etc. You have raised gardens. You have the chookabago eliminating lawn.

    I realise you and Barbs have expended far beyond the norm in fitting into your new environment. However, I worry as to your landlord's reaction when the Freer's buy a property, and vacate your current.

    Have you discussed this with him/them. I'm just not sure it would be easy to find a new tenant prepared to do the work required to attain the benefits you so gladly obtain.

    My present next door neighbour bought the home from a couple like yourselves. Their highly productive raised vege beds are now the greatest producers of weed seeds in our local area.


  4. Yes I cleared it with the landlord first. The beds are an old veggie patch, the raised beds are empty (and take the very enriched soil-compost too) and the paddock... well all the chicken tractor and the planting behind it will do is improve the grazing there. The trees are in huge pots, and I think I have some 25 large - 20 litre pots from drums full of things like herbs, garlic strawberries etc. We'd loose the veg in rebuilt garden, and the herb garden, but that's a risk we take. And they would just go back to weeds and dirt.

  5. Cheryl my part of South Africa was thunderstorm and sunshine country. Set in rain, unusual.