Friday, September 23, 2011

Animated shirts

We do live in a landscape which is quite full of creatures. Sometimes the landscape is too close for comfort. I was crossing my paddock (where I have been planting, behind the chicken tractor, and saw a hissy critter. I won't tolerate them near the house and my dogs, but this one left rapidly. A good reason to mow around the house - at least you can see them. Of course they're brought by the mice. At first our cats wreaked havoc with the mice, but I think they're getting bored and fat. Robin in particular is good at catching them outside and letting them go... in the house so she can play with them... which does not always end well as she's not very 'ept' (actually, singly lacking in ept.) The last one had a topless lady in my arms as she'd lost it in the bathroom and Barbs noticed her sleeve of the shirt she'd been wearing... was moving. A mouse in her shirt made very sure that she was not putting it on. Compared to the last mouse hunt this was a breeze, as I just shook the shirt into the now empty bath until the mouse dropped out and asked for a facecloth.

I wish the dratted cats would just kill them. I don't want mice close to the house, for their snake attracting properties and their gnawing destructive behavior and little tokens. And the mobility they give to unoccupied shirts...

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  1. hee hee ;-)

    Personally I prefer them NOT dead - it's not that I mind dead mice, but partial mice, especially in the middle of the floor in the dark, are a pain.