Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Someone said to me the mess the local Flinders scallop industry (which collapsed) was because the two Ronnies had left TV and were running DIPWE - who control salt water fishing in Tasmania. Having just seen their new Rock-lobster regulations, I think maybe they understated the case.

The commercial fishery hasn't filled its quota for years, so they roll over their quota to next year, and therefore, have de facto no quota. They take 93% of the catch. They went right on catching when the deal with China collapsed, meaning effectively those crays were near worthless. But they caught them anyway.

The fishery is in trouble. Can't catch its quota. The urchins (eaten by big crays) on the east coast are getting out of hand...

So in step a set of 'fisheries scientists' that make me ashamed to be associated with the profession, and between them and politicians and the powerful commercial lobby... they institute a 40% cut in the recreational bag limits.

That's right. Don't take any REAL steps (as the quota cuts they're putting on the commercial fishery amount 5% this year - which means with last year's rollover and not catching that anyway... none as far as I can see, they cut the recreational fishers - who took 6.3% of the catch last year... by 40%

Of course local recreational fishermen - and even the local commercials living here can't make a dent on Flinders stocks really. There must be a square km for every rec fisherman, and twenty for every diver. But we have commercial boats from all over coming to pillage. No benefit to the island. So now we're 'east coast' and get their 3 crays per person limit.


  1. Needs a bit of rabble rousing, or at least a short informative letter/email to as many governments and newspapers as possible.

  2. 3 per day - but for a lot of guys, they only get maybe 7-8 good dive days on weekends and just don't always get their old bag of 5, so when they did it was good