Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Lagerphone and other revelations.

The Butterfactory Boys - consisting of a trumpeter, a Ukelele, a guitar, a Tea-chest cross between a bass drum and a bass guitar, an a Lagerphone - played for us at the do I went to on Saturday night. A Lagerphone is a sort of stick with beer-bottle caps providing a noise somewhere between a bass drum and a tambourine or a stick with beer-bottle caps... it was actually brilliant, as part of a get up group of mates playing unamplified in an old shed. Songs you last heard in the sixties and seventies...

Flinders island time travel. All the good bits.

Anyway, I learned a bit about pizza ovens - including using semolina as a sliding medium to stop them sticking. Met up with a guy who had just sailed a rig-tender over to my old home (Durban) from Australia. Ate a lot of pizza.

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