Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Occassional showers

Only they really mean that. And it's winds _strong_ to variable, and it looks like that for the rest of the week. I've barrowed in some sand to the base of my next raised bed -4 barrows full of wet sand and I was thinking just how overpaid desk jockey authors are and how underpaid manual labour is... (which was not my opinion before that ;-))Other than that I planted onion seed(AKA apparently as nigella) Funnily enough the domestic goddess as an onion seed is not a frequently held image.

Barbs is off doing some mental health course, and I live in fear that she'll realise what a nutter she's been living with all this time, and call for the little men in white coats. Oz seems very big on 'courses'. Well, we're here, so we'll live with them. Or at least Barbs will. She did a food handling course for meals on wheels (involves handing sealed containers to recipient) a chainsaw course (after using one for 10 years) and now this.

I'm going to tell her I have signed her up for a cooking course... :-).


  1. If you do that, she might just call for the men in white coats :)

  2. Don't chefs usually wear white coats? And laboratory workers? Heck, even polar bears have white coats...

  3. She would, Cheryl. And I'd be well served for it.

  4. I'm a polar bear. All is explained ;-)