Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Art and taxes

If you're interested in seeing my favourite painting of the Island coastline - - the real thing is better still, the details like the tiny islands almost seeming to float on the horizon can be seen.

And we've just posted our tax returns. I am shattered. I think the only one worse off is the sequence of 'advisers' who passed me from one to the next, trying to work out HOW I was supposed to fill in their forms. I was on the phone for over 3/4 of an hour. I guess I just don't neatly fit into boxes...

And as I don't fit boxes, they ought to let me have my wish and be minced and fed to crayfish at sea when I die.

I am being cheerful tonight. It must be the rain and my cold. Or the lightness of getting that task done...


  1. Dave, I've been hearing a lot about vitamin D as a supplement to boost the immune system. I suspect you have the same problem down there that we do up here (not enough sun at the right intensity to make the body produce it's own vitamin D). Can you find/afford a supplement? It might help cut down on the colds.

    Lisa S. in Seattle (where the sun is useless for vitamin D from October through March)

  2. hmm. Worth looking into. I do try for my minimum 10 minutes of sun a day. We're only at 40 South.