Friday, September 16, 2011

Beyond the brink

Eugh. I'm full of snot and not achieving a lot. Raked some grass, sorted the seed for planting. Didn't actually plant it. Felt guilty about not planting. I'm still trying to figure out just where to get the ton or so topsoil/manure/compost mix I need for my second raised bed.

I'm reading Peter Andrews 'beyond the brink'(and Barbs asked me if that was what came after Andre... I am relived to say, No.) Ideas on carbon in soil. I'm a little iffy about it so far.

We have a woodfired pizza oven tryout tomorrow night, and a barbeque on Sunday. I really have to order some casings so I can make boerewors. Keep being expected to do South African food. And I keep whinging about bloody gas braai...barbeques. It doesn't taste right over gas.


  1. Are there any earthmoving companies on the island? If there are, ask if they have any clean fill they don't need.

  2. Yes, I can buy 'topsoil' - but my mate Bill did, and I'll rather make my own as a result. I'm going to try for a mix of brown seaweed, turkey manure, compost and some of the sandy stuff that passes for topsoil in the paddock. The island is a mixture of old sand-dunes, a little decayed limestone and decayed granite, with fairly little organic matter in the soil. So with some exceptions in a few areas, you want a good garden you need to 'build' your soil. My existing raised bed is heavily skewed to 8 year old horse manure, and grow great veg.