Sunday, September 11, 2011

The social whirl

Yes, it's wild out here on the islands. Sorry, it's interfering with your regular updates on the tranquil country life in outer nowhere...

We had a fascinating 'tea'(AKA supper or dinner in other parts of the world) with some Polish friends who have retired here and are also trying the self-sufficiency bit. They got very excited by the idea of buckwheat or Kasha. I can now tell you that beetroot and various forms of vodka are important items of Polish cuisine:-).

Then last night was a couple of birthday parties (and entirely too much food) and the priceless WD40 (Q20 - South African) story. It's good for treating scaly leg... apparently. So some wag adds "and it stops them squeaking". At which point the scaly leg treater says 'yes, they don't even squeak when they lay eggs anymore.' Said Wag says 'You're supposed to spray on their LEGS!'

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  1. Oho! Here's a much better page about buckwheat (aka kasha, soba)

    With all kinds of details about harvesting at the very bottom!