Sunday, November 1, 2009

fruit and nuts

Almond x2, Apple x 4 (2 bearing), apricot x2, cherry x2, fig x 3, hazel x 2, kiwi x2 (large vines+male), grape (not very tasty katawba), lemon x 2, Mulberry, Olive x 2, nectarine, pear x 5, white peach, cling peach x 4, plum x 2 (red heart and yellow), Pecan x 2, raspberries (lots), Walnut x 2, quince.

That's what I have established here - a list to remind me. Sometimes we're awash with fruit. The apples can give us half a ton of fruit, and plums and Kiwis fifty kilos. Of course there is constant war with fruitfly, leaf-miners, monkeys, and various birds - who can leave us with nothing. I've always felt the key to small-scale agriculture was diversification. Grin. How perfectly this suits my jack of all trade nature.

I'm never going to get any of the nuts that I planted, but someone will (maybe my wild cousins the monkeys). But it's a poorer world if we only plant what we will harvest.

I know there are various biocontrol hurdles, but I am looking forward to seeing what will grow. (and doubtless many happy hours of swearing at wallaby, possums, and various birds.) And I will miss bananas - but by the time they get in by plane or ferry, I reckon gold will be cheaper. Anything I should consider growing?


  1. Wow. Love that list. Richard still talks about the first time he ever tasted a fresh fig, at Finnegan's Wake.
    I never thought about the banana thing! Is it possible to live without something so basic and wonderful??!!
    BTW I have my courgettes in a pot ... no monkeys except a nearly-four-year-old who LOVES to dig up Mum's plants!! :-)

  2. Well, I am sure that bananas will get there - but they'll be a luxury for once in a while, probably, because we'll have to be quite self-sufficient

  3. I am always going bananas, they will not be in short supply!