Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ha! We have survived the goats, drunks, goats, insane doof-doof taxis (definitely local Bogan variant, with extra Eugh! de toilette) goats, potholes (disguised as road), stray cows, dogs, drunks, trucks, Umtata (Mbatha these days - I suspect that means 'place for inserting enema pipe' -- Ok I really don't like the place, with reason) and goats (did I mention goats perhaps?) of the Transkei and are now back in Durban with our boys(which I believe is very like Brisbane. Hot.)
The goats - besides being a hazard to motorists are turning the Transkei into an eroded desert.

We had magnificent braai (Barbie?) next to my old fish farming buddy Nick's dam with some of the boys Uni friends. A pork joint with threads of dried mango in foil, Beetroot and orange roasted in foil, mushrooms and butter and thyme, a loaf of bread on the fire, and kaaskartoffellen, and some fish for the vegetarians. It was good, and rather different to what the geek-team (hey they talk physics while climbing) expected.

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