Friday, November 6, 2009

Ups and downs

Life at the moment is a series of highs and lows, with moods that do not always match!! We have found work for the wonderful lady, Ntombifuthi, who has been working in our house for the last 8 years. We have sold our Colt bakkie, (ute), but can continue to use it until we leave the house, but not the country. We cannot book our ferry ride across to Flinders yet, and we keep having thunderstorms that stop all computer use, if they not turn off the electricity completely.

We thought we had wonderful homes for 2 of our cats, and we would just go with the other two. But one has fallen through, which I quite understand, but now we need even more money. But on the other hand we do not need to say 'goodbye' to one of the cats!

Dave has another dentist appointment, and we are taking another load of furniture to auction. another load of memories goes, but I hope their new owners enjoy them.


  1. eish you guys!! Is it 19th the movers are coming? Where will you stay until you fly out of SA?

    Richard might be going to Tazzie for work this month. Next time that happens he'll have to Flinderise himself :o)


  2. Movers are arriving on 16, but I will have to take the hard drive out of my computer on 13, so will have intermittent internet coverage from then until end Jan!! What am I going to do???

    They finish packing us on 19, and then we go and stay with Dave's sister, in sunny Durban until 26 Dec, when we go up to Gauteng until the 30 when we fly out! Our time in Durban will be broken by a trip to Grahamstown to fetch the kids, and a trip to Pretoria to take Paddy up, and celebrate our wedding anniversary and our friend Pete's birthday on 5 Dec.

    Can you not ask Richard to put it off until Jan, we would so love to see him??You and the kids would have to come as well to help him with his work, of course!