Thursday, November 5, 2009

My mind, I wonder how it works

I am reading a lot at the moment. Lots of pleasant escapist books. Tonight I picked up a book I have not read for many years, and just remembered it as being set further north than her first book which I have read often.

Halfway down page one:-

I cannot say that everyone should live as we do, but you might be happy on an island if you can face up to the following:
1. Dinner guests are often still with you seven day, weeks, months later...
2. Any definite appointment ... acts as an automatic signal for the ferry-boats to stop running
7. Anyone contemplating island dwelling must be physically strong and it is an added advantage if you aren't too bright.

I wonder if my mind remembered it, and caused me to reread it, as a warning to put my brain on hold for the next few years! Still Betty MacDonald is fun to read anyway, so I will now finish the book to see if she has any other good advice for me.

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