Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the strange things

Okay, so just what is a 'bogan'? Like a 'hoon' or a muttonbird, tinny, or a slab of green, these are obviously things I need to know . And for an active imagination like mine not telling me can be dangerous ;-).


  1. will be easier to just link you to the definition :D

    hoons drive hotted up doof doof cars [ music with the bass set to Mars] and accelerators stuck at 100kph with fluffy dice hanging off the mirror & do burnouts wherever they go :D

  2. tinny/tinnie is either a can of beer or a small aluminium dinghy for fishing.

    slab of green is a carton of VB Beer

    Muttonbird is a Tasmanian or Taswegian :D

  3. Where I come from, we are sandgropers...

    We'll make an ozzie of you yet.