Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The hardest of days

The furkids have gone. I felt... like a traitor. A judas-goat - I led Roly and Puggles and Wednesday into the travelling cages. Helped put my kitties in them. I wish, desperately, that I could explain. I miss them. I miss them terribly.

The house is getting packed. There is still a ton to do - cleaing and prep. The movers came late, but are packing with speed. The pets-en-transit guy was later still - got stuck -twice on the road - here and back. Then he had to call about their rabies certs... I nearly went spare with worry that something would still be wrong.

I emptied out the drawers of my desk. Threw away 74 rejection letters...

We're moving on.


  1. My thoughts are with you.
    Six years ago we brought our 2 golden retrievers with us from America to Australia. It was a very emotional time - and we can only imagine what you are going through with your large family and lengthy quarantine stay. Everything was planned well in advance and went smoothly for us. Molly and Kaz only had to spend 30 days in quarantine in Oz...and that was the total of their time away from us. I don't know whether the rules are different for SA, but if we hadn't started the whole process almost a year in advance they could have ended up in Q for 6 months. Our girls had never been kennelled before and Molly had to be physically forced into her crate. We sent them 2 weeks before we left and so it was only 2 weeks after we arrived that they were able to join us. We were living 250km east of Darwin in remote NT and they were quarantined in Sydney, so we weren't able to visit them - not that the Sydney quarantine station encouraged visiting. We did have the phone number of their dedicated caregiver, though that was cold comfort. I'd call and she'd say, "they are well, they are playing and eating well" and I'd be left with a bit of an empty feeling, but what more could she say? When we picked them up at Darwin airport and let them out of their crates Molly refused to get into the car - she lay herself belly-flat on the ground and made herself into a dead weight. It took her a long time to trust the car again!
    But that was 6 years ago and we are happy and healthy and wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Ours were only 2 dogs and 30 days, but we do know the emotional turmoil and every moment we have with them makes it all worth it.
    Best wishes.
    p.s. I followed you here, Dave, from the Nonsuch blog.

  2. Unfortunately South AFrica has let rabies care slip so far we're on the edge of not being allowed to import animals to Australia at all without 6 months in another country. As is it 7 months - we wouldn't have done it if we could possibly have rehomed - not because we don't love them (the opposite) but because they all rescues, and have various issues, and have lived rural but with humans permanently on tap. I still don't know if it was the right decision, but it is made.

    I really enjoy the nonsuch site :-)