Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We're driving 10 hours to our kids Uni today. It occurred to me that it's a good thing that we're going from a big country to another big country. It must be so difficult to go from a small, closed in place to a big open one. We had people come out to Finnegan's Wake, who found the darkness and silence at night intimidating -who slept with the lights on. I love the silences and the absence of artificil light makes for woderful star viewing. Ok so there are no (well make that 'few' ) stage shows and the choice of restaurants is a little limited in number... but ah, we have night.

I can't wait to see my boys. I hope they love Australia as much as we did.
Australia, put out your best :-)


  1. Er, Dave...didn't anyone tell you that though you are going to a big country, you are actually going to live on an island? You know, one of those places with water all around. Drive too far and you fall off the edge...

    I am really enjoying your blog. And planning our Big Move Downunder in another couple of years.

  2. What? i have been cruelly deceived! There i thought Flinders was bigger than SA ;-)