Thursday, November 12, 2009

A sad parting and microchips (where is the macrofish then)

It's been another tough day. Before you think this blog too bleak and whingy to bother with, fill your mind with the mental image of Barbs and I trying to insert 4 cats into two containers. Yes we have the blood and wounds to prove it. I know you're all frightfully clever and have already worked out that this is a ridiculously, insanely stupid thing to try and do, because both cats need to go in at the same time, and 2 pairs of hands need to come out, sans the cat/s. It took us about 3 tries for each catbox... and of course two 'phone calls mid frantic cat persuit and insertions...
"Oh Dave, I didn't want to call when I heard you were leaving..."
Dave - holding cat with buzz-saw legs. "Jenn, I am wrestling with a very angry cat... can I call you (MEEOWWWWW HISSS YOWL)."
"But I just have to chat to you..."

Anyway mission accomplished, 4 cats injected, 3 microchipped (at James's request his cat is staying here with his best friends who he will spend his short holidays with. Hard... But Legsie may be better off, and will be spoiled, I think) Three dogs microchipped injected and inspected.

And sadly we have had to send my little Button to the long sleep. She was very very old, blind (needed a seeing eye human) deaf, senile (she used to know her way everywhere) and the last few nights has been struggling for breath. We always said that when she was in distress, we would call it time. Two years ago, she was supposedly on death's door. It was still very hard.
I held her in my arms, B stroked her and the vet helped her to the rainbow bridge.

Sigh. Salute to a loyal little brave heart. Why do we give our hearts to our dogs to tear?

Tomorrow hopefully we will finalise the details of the dogs and cat's quarantine. Roland despite his age passed his medical exam. Despite the project (without which it would simply not have been possible) we will be hit financially terribly hard by this (sadly this particular author fits the starving in a garret and not much financial acumen mold). Still, more money we can maybe make (or not). But I think if we had not tried to do this, I would have lost far more. So we go forward... poorer, but still ourselves.

Today is the 11 of 11th... Rememberance day, which is all but dead here. Well, my parents both served, and so did B's. Salute. To the living and our dead. The sun will never set on them.


  1. Throat got lumpier with each paragraph. Farewell to Button ... she's breathing easily now.

    And kudos to Roland for passing his medical!! Good dog :o)

  2. Step by scary step, you're getting closer to Australia.

    I talked to walt about the Save the Dragons site - he's having trouble getting it to update. Perhaps you could post Chapter 16 on the Bar? Can't hurt to have people suddenly wondering where the first fifteen chapters can be found.


  3. I sympathize. It's so hard to say goodbye even when it's temporary, or when you know it's the best thing to do.

  4. Hugs to both you and Barbs, Dave. It's never easy to say goodbye to our loyal four-legs.

    I think MataPam's got a good idea about the next chapter. Why don't you post it in your forum on the Bar as well as the Diner? I know Sarah would have no problem with you doing so.

  5. Matapam, Amanda - I've got onto Francis- it should be sorted. If not I will do that.