Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The next phase

Wow, today got off to a slow start, with the movers arriving later than they said. But we ran around getting 'everything' ready for them. Once they got here, boy, did they start packing!! Problem was 4 of them started in 4 different places, and I found there were all sorts of things I hadn't sorted yet. So it was grabbing items from them as fast as I could.

Still we are about a third packed. One of our cats, Legolas, has gone to his new home, with good friends of ours. James will be spending his Easter vacation with them, and will be able to see his cat then. The rest of the dogs and cats will be fetched any time now, and will go into kennels for their quarantine period, before they join us in Aus. Seems to be just around the corner now!!

Tomorrow we pack up the computers, and then we will have Dave's Eeee, for all our computer needs until our furniture is unpacked on Flinders, hopefully some time in Jan. (Thank you Sarah for the Eeee.)

So if we post less often, please bare with us!

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  1. We'll still be here when you are able to post! Look forward to it :o)