Monday, November 2, 2009

Up high in the branches

We have just come in for lunch. While I was in town today, Dave cut a huge number of big branches off the pin oak tree, so that our container can get in here to be loaded. Luckily there is still a canopy of tree over the driveway, it is just a lot higher, as we were told the truck will be 4.5m high!

So I thought I had better pitch in and do my share. So I climbed the 4m ladder that had only been constructed this morning, out of newly cut green branches. (Any idea how springy they are?) Then another meter or so up the tree, I proceeded to cut one of the offending branches.

Wow, that is higher off the ground than I have been for years, and Dave thought the bow saw safer than the chainsaw, so I burned off a lot more calories than I had planned on. Still one more branch hit the dust, and then we stopped for lunch. Just 3 more branches to come down, and then clearing up all the chaos on the ground! I just hope we have no visitors for a day or so, they may battle to drive around.

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