Sunday, September 26, 2010

Before, and After - with fluffy boots

Dear me. Here I was in my tangled, longhaired glory... and mom has inflicted this on me. This is stage two of a three day haircut. Complete with cheerleader woolly boots. I am a shadow of my former self. Anyone got a recipe for preventing hairloss?


  1. Aww, lovely to see Roly again. The only cure for this kind of hairloss is to hide mom's clippers! I think he looks very dashing and ready for summer. When in Aussie, etc etc. Uggs are very appropriate!

    PS Daylight saving kicked in today, did yours too?

  2. No, not yet, ours is sometime next month, I think. I hope someone mentions it before it happens!

  3. poor roly! He will frighten the sheep!

  4. I trim Roly as we do not brush him every day, and he gets very knotted, and much too hot in summer. He will frighten sheep as he looks so odd, as an Old English Sheepdog,without fur!