Thursday, September 16, 2010

The patterns of the dance

Humans tend to be creatures of patterns. Pattern recognition helps me spot clams, helps me pick out spiny lobster from sea-weed. Helps me make a horse's butt out of the Scottish dancing which is very patterned (the fisherman's reel was more like the fisherman's bird's nest). The weather on Flinders of course follows its own patterns - mostly aimed at making a muck of mine - which are shaped around weeks, and the ferry (I bake on wednesday, as that's when our friends come to collect post and goods from the shop) and the tides (combinations of tide and light rule our fishing), which no one told the wind and weather they had to co-operate with. Still, we love order, forward planning, that sort of thing. I've been trying to find a pattern that would work best for my kids and their future and of course government beaurocracy has been playing the weather. Anyway, many 'phone calls and I hope I have something that will let them both follow their heart's desires and each other. Tomorrow we must talk and see if we can make it work.

Anyway, in the pattern of the seasons the seedlings are coming up in the garden. Tassie has had its'coldest day in decade or something. You can rely on the weather! (to muck things up).

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