Saturday, September 11, 2010


The dogs seem set on punishing us for going to Aussiecon. Not as cats might with deliberate intent to let you know this is not what is expected of staff, but as rather nervous dogs might... ie. by sleeping all day when we're around, and insisting on going out 3-4 times a night. That was bad enough the first time around when we had young children. At 20-30... we were better able to cope or just stupider about admitting that it left us half-brain-dead. They were like this when they came out of quarantine, so I am hoping that they will settle again. I've got a slew of work to do, none of which is easy with with a yawn where the thinking pattern ought to be. We had a merry task getting them out the study this morning when B wanted to vaccuum it - they wanted to sleep!

We had our little fair on at the showgrounds today, with B working on a stall dispensing coffee, tea and various scones, and the dreaded saveloys pink and evil. Our neighbour Alan made haste get one before they were all finished, and did not understand my shudder. I said perhaps you had to be born Australian to enjoy them. I've cheerfully adopted vegemite, and muttonbirds, and I liked Milo long before I got here. But not Saveloys. Anyway, I bought some nice looking potatoes, and a few lettuce plants to boost the supply that are up, and a rod and reel that were going fairly cheap. Talked to a bunch of people and even bought a pumpkin. Yes, me. Bought pumpkin. Unlike brussel sprouts which would in my opinion best be served with saveloys to Robert Mugabe as his daily tea, pumpkin still comes under edible as fritters or roasted. I really don't like it boiled or as soup (boiled with extra water?). Besides it was a sympathy buy. They had a mountain of them.

I also had fun telling people at the used book stall that books rotted the brain. I should know, after all.


  1. Ode to a saveloy:

    Oh saveloy, oh saveloy, so pink, so pure
    What you are made of we're not really sure.
    Perhaps it's scrapings from the abattoir floor
    or maybe the blood that leaked out the door
    But probably less knowledge is better than more
    so keep it a secret, we won't be sore

  2. No Dave! The saveloy is evil. It's not an Australian thing. You can't BBQ it like a snag. It's an evil islander trick.

    Resist. Resist. Resist.

    [Have you checked to see if Barb has been replaced by a robotic look-alike by the CWA...]

  3. lol, I have a recipe for pumpkin soup that might, ever so cautiously, get you to taste at least a spoonfull. I base this on my eldest son tasting it many years ago and telling me he quite liked it because it didn't taste like pumpkin ...

  4. Pumpkins belong in pies.

  5. Ditto matapam! Pumpkins are best suited for pie. However, when I was making my own pasta dough I made some pumpkin ravioli. Made with lots of butter and cheese.

    I've also had it made into a pasta sauce...lots of butter and cream and cheese and, I think, some nutmeg.

    Of course anything, with enough butter and cream...and perhaps some bacon...becomes yummy!

  6. Saveloys are... just wrong. I fear them.

    When the zombie apocalypse begins, it will, without a doubt, start because of some kind of weirdly contaminated saveloy.

  7. Heh, Francis my one brush with a 'Sav' left me sure I would be sore.

  8. Reverance Pavane - why does she keep saying 'all resistance is futile'? :-)

  9. Eneit - it's going to take more than a moustache and fake nose and glasses to fool me it isn't pumpkin :-)

  10. Matapam and Quilly - pumpkin is still disguise-able with effort (and yes, cream, bacon and indeed curry are good disguises).

  11. Flinthart- I thought the default with Savs was 'contaminated, boil to make less toxic'? Keep away from all sources of radiation at all costs (even solar radiation) :-).

  12. Dave - You are mishearing.

    She is actually saying "all resistance is fusile."

    Which I suppose, is a good ohmly for anyone to hold.