Friday, September 17, 2010

Lost: one mountain

The wind has blown the mountain away. I've just had a look and there is no sign of Strzlecki to be seen. Just a gray haze where it used to be. I'd go and have a closer look but I am scared B would put an advert in the Island news. "Missing: one mountain and husband. Reward for mountain."

The days ARE getting longer, and locals say the wind is necessary to blow the muttonbirds back. At the moment it feels like it must be doing a double trip to pick a second batch. I am going to have to go over to Tassie and 'borrow' one of those signs that says '110km, it's a limit not a challenge'. Mind you the wind would probably just blow it over and ignore it.

The tomato seedlings are responding, and have survived a dose of my home made brown seaweed goop (made by letting kelp stand in water a milk-bottle) and are growing bigger. It shows the truth of the old South African adage "wat nie dood maak, maak vet" (what doesn't kill, fattens).

The seed-bed outside is fairing less well. The cats think it is a delightful big sandbox! The red onions have responded to this, and some Salsify and absolutely nothing else. Tassie is having a lot of rain, but we haven't.

It's drying out and last night I noticed a bit of static about. Can't wait to see it crackle off B's nylon knickers so I can say "My dear, I fear you have Amps in your panties" and then duck run very very fast :-)


  1. I'm shocked at your current teasing of B. Somehow I suspect sparks will be flying and you will be forced into an embarrassing volte face.

  2. Now that is the Bass Strait weather that I'm more familiar with.

  3. Francis, Ohm y goodness, I would put up a strong resistance to that.

  4. Reverence Pavane - August and September are not the best months so far.