Monday, September 20, 2010

Squidding? Squiding?

I am busy knitting at the moment. Off and on since I left school and started working, I have been 'into' knitting and have produced several garments before the phase has worn off. This time I have produced a several pairs of gloves and 'mullimits', an amazingly shaggy brown jersey, which is the prime example of 'do not buy your wool from a hazy picture on line' and I am now knitting baby clothes for the CWA. A friend of ours was over in the 'big smoke' today so I asked her to get me some more wool, I am terrified of what might turn up next, if I order on line again. I did put in a second order in August, and they phoned me today to ask if I still wanted them to supply the wool, I used their slow response as an excuse to get out of it. I am used to 'on line' orders being dealt with in 24 hours not 24 days!!

I have had to learn a whole new language since we got here. Nothing to do with Aussie English/ South African English, but all to do with fishing.

So this evening we went squidding? or squiding? or anyway we went down to the wharf, and met a friend there, so we could initiate her in our methods of catching them.

The weather was too windy, the tide was too late, but after today the tide gets worse for about a week, so it was do or die day. So we put on a whole extra layer of clothes, and then added woolly hats and gloves, and set off.

The wind added a whole new perspective to casting. It was blowing almost straight back down the pier, so I was throwing as hard as I could across it, and getting a few metres out. Then a Pike jumped out of the water and tried to bite my squid jig. Dave lost interest in squid, and got a lure out for the Pike, he had a hit, but failed to land it.

I caught a squid, and then my line knotted, and in the late dusk I could not see well enough to untangle it, so I left it for tomorrow, and took the friend off to have a lesson in how to gut squid. Dave caught a second squid while we were busy, so I gutted that one as well, while the others went back to casting. But with no further joy, we divided the catch, and came home to the fire.

Still it shows that even if conditions are not perfect, there are still hungry creatures out there!


  1. My knitting is at addiction level. Who knew??

    Impressed with the squid gutting - a fish is fairly common sense, but on reflection, I wouldn't know where to start with the squid?!

  2. The head is where I start, and then I tend to get covered in ink, I have not yet worked out how to gut without damaging the sac!

    I am also busy with a blue weird wool jersey, but that has to wait on the baby jacket for now.