Thursday, September 30, 2010

And the tears of the sky are wet

Well, they're wet, but not salty. There was rain on the wind - Which suddenly led me to realise our salt project - out on the low roof of the sort of doghousey thing next to the shed - in the 18 litre very unwatertight box - now covered in a strapped on old sheet and not the lid... was not going to work if the rain was replacing the evaporating water. And somehow I don't see the carrying in and out happening every time there is a rain-squall - that can happen at a moment's notice here. so for now it is out of the sun... and rain and on the verandah.

There was a terrible panicky scream from the kitchen yesterday. B has had a little difficulty adapting to her husband not cooking, or the boys not being there to help (in Paddy's case this can be... interesting. His liquidised baked-bean creation was only a few milli-amps short of independant life;-) and his ginger buiscuits could be used to thaw wooly mammoths back to life - still he can cook some things well. James is more consistantly reliable and does a really good banana and pecan nut cake.). I'm not touching her food until this lot is well over. The result: the contents of the microwave was on fire. She was defrosting some rolls... To save electricity I bake quite large batches, and then bag them and freeze them. So I put twist ties on the bags so I can just take out what we need.

B just put the bag in, twist tie and all, and sparks and plastic met and melted... anyway. It went out. I'm going to have to start teaching basics in case I get around to dying middle-aged or first (only the good die young, which counted me out)

We've had a bit of chaos with James bookings - despite B making the operator repeat it twice - he wasn't speaking local English (#$@%$ing call-centers!) which means the payment for the ticket had P instead of a B reference. So time in the bank today...

B's off at a 'girls-get-together-before-a-wedding' thing tonight. She had to cook, poor dear! (I did instruct, and send her with some roll-mops too)

And my buddy Gary can't get here :-( -- work chaos, and meeting changes.

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  1. that's a lovely photo.

    Tell Barbs not to feel too bad, I'll email a pic through of the time Richard tried to boil an egg in the microwave. It will make her feel heaps better! :-)

    Hope you're well on the mend!