Monday, September 6, 2010

We're back!

Wow, what a CON. We had a really wonderful con, meeting so many of the blog readers, catching up with old friends and making new ones. The panels were fun, the interaction inbetween sometimes more so! Some of the costumes we saw were really good, some way out, but there was an amazing mix of nationalities, all having a ball, taking part in formal and informal discussions

Melbourne itself is a city, with people and traffic, and trams, which share the road with the cars, and sometimes have there own tracks, which I tried to drive down as well! I loved the company and the food, but I could have done without the other people on the road, as even with a GPS and sometimes several backseat drivers, I still managed to not get it right!

But it is great to get back home. Our dogs and cats seem pleased to see us. And the island seems to have survived without us remarkably well.

We celebrated by taking our (exAussie now US) visitor to go squiding, and she was the only one of the three of us to catch. So embarrassing. There was another fisherman on the wharf who caught, but we might have better luck next time.

But I, for one, am really tired, after all the interactions, the chatting and laughing, the constant worry about time, missing a panel etc, I am looking forward to a peaceful nights sleep.


  1. Hi!

    I'm sorry I managed to miss your reading, Dave... towards the end of things it was getting pretty complicated, and I was running out of steam in a big way. It was great to see you and Barb in person again, though. I've been discussing a Flinders Expedition with Natalie, and we're keen, but it's a matter of organisational stuff, and right now, my brain is still completely out to lunch. I'm trying to catch up on emails, etc... oh, and trying to pretend my manly and heroic reputation is still intact after that scene at the reading!

  2. I was so impressed by the writing at the reading, blow the manly stuff! I loved that story.

  3. And to think he enjoyed it so much he volunteered to be a guest of honour for next year...

  4. I'll bring you a copy, Barb. Though... it is in a collection for kids!

  5. I am still a kid at heart! I would love to have one, when you come over!

    I have it on good authority that next years con will have less people attending... I hope that is true, but it was really great to see and meet so many wonderful people, I just would have liked to spread it out to one day a week, or something.