Monday, September 27, 2010

Solo night drive!

It seems to me amazing that we have been here almost 9 months, and I am still clocking up basic firsts.

This evening was the first time I have driven in the dark, alone. And here there is no fear of bandits, but a real fear of hitting an animal, and I am used to having spare eyes in the car, yelling "wallaby" at suitable moments.

At one stage I was actually trying to work out if I could have taken a wrong turn somewhere, as the road, "A ribbon of sand, between the tetree trees", (appologies to The Highwayman) was going on for ever, but I realised that I was only driving at about 40km/h, (Limit is 100km/h) so that was why it was taking soooo long.

But eventually the tar road appeared ahead, with fields on either side, so it was easier to see the 'roos. As it was I had watched a possum climb a tree, saw both a wombat and several wallaby moving out of my way, and disturbed 3 ducks that had decided to overnight on the sandy road. So different to my trips home after dark at our last house, where it was often misty as well.


  1. Aah. A walk (drive) on the Wild Side. Never a dull moment eh?! :-)

  2. Good for you! Driving at night is scary, even in the city.