Friday, October 1, 2010

Live in fear, world. It's BACK.

Having been desk or 'loo bound for the last week, we had me feeling slightly better, and the wind having dropped a lot, we thought we'd try to feed the cats ourselves this time. We had try at our spot - just the first place we tried last time - at Castle rock. The sea is still comparitively rough and while they were biting, we were also getting splashed, and the tide was coming in. So we retreated... with me having caught a few close to size fish, and B having one keeper, and caught nothing in ever other spot, barely a bite until I got broken up spectacularly - typical fishing for small reef fish and being wacked by something agressive as I retrieved. Drag not loose enough. I deserve to be caned.

On another front, live in fear, world! The Zucchini are BAAAAACK! The seedlings popped up yesterday and have greened up nicely. We've had veg of some sort out of the garden right through winter, but carrots, broccoli and silverbeet are limited in their flexibility. Bulb fennel too gets a bit monotonous. Onions, even spring onions, are not vegetebles, like garlic they're a basic necessity! Peas are starting to produce, and we've got a good crop of broad-beans. We've had a few asparagus this spring, courtesy of Peter and Helen's generosity, but I really look forward to the over-abundance of summer - when we can curse zucchini again. Those stalk of 'grass' are Salsify BTW. Worse than onions for being too easy to pull up by mistake! They're growing in a recycled plastic milk bottle. I've forgotten just who said they'd make good seed trays, but thank you!


  1. Oh dear....

    I was looking forward to fish when I visited, not courgettes....

  2. Hope all is well ! Off for a few days …..

  3. "I deserve to be caned."

    Are you planning to go into politics ? You sound like a budding Conservative party minister.

    Over to you Barbs, time to dig out the waspy and the extreme platform high heels.

    Best you cover the rock's eyes.

  4. I read recently that you can grate/chop zucchini and freeze it in bags ... you can start storing up for winter. Bit like human squirrels ...

  5. Ha, thanks for the freezing tip.

    How do you think I would manage over rocks in high heels, I fall off them on flat ground!

    Don;t worry, plenty fish and shellfish, we will not serve only veggies!

    Dave seems to be inproving every day!