Thursday, October 21, 2010


It's a near full moon night out there and the wind is - here just a whisper. A part of me says 'go and look at the sea.' Common sense however says - the freezers are pretty full. You've had a good working day - near 4 K added to a book (and 5 K is excellent for me, and 6 is my all time record). B has had hell of a day cleaning at the school. No, not exactly what she trained for, but we're not shy or proud about working, at anything. And it's cash coming in. Oddly schools pay a lot faster than publishers.

Anyway, I am going to have to push hard at the writing for a bit, so probably not much done in the way of exciting outdoor things. Well, other than the little black bugs munching my plants. But our lives are... changable.

Ah, butthe sea calls.

I hope my books call to you too.


  1. They now sell live crabs in vending machines in Japan.

    Now the sea can call from the subway.

  2. Actually that's in Shanghai, PRC. Though I wpuldn't be surprised if a similar machine shows up in Japan somewhere.

    Your books certainly do call... So write Dave, write!