Thursday, October 14, 2010

too much :-)

Is almost enough.
Diving, sample collecting for a research project, and then diving for abalone. Then coming home and getting a message that B needs me up at killikrankie to take two reporters from Outer Edge magazine climbing. We went in by boat and had some... interesting runs through the rocks. The climbing was... epic, I think is the right word. I had to do the route twice to help the guy with the abseil, and then we got back and Rosemary saved our bacon by ordering takeaways from the pub and we bashed abelone, and then went to Scottish dancing.


  1. It was my most stressful for a while, but ended up as great fun, but very exhausting!

    I had given my phone to one of our visitors to go cycling with, so I had Dave's phone, and could not reach him, to tell him to rush home to go rock climbing! So I set off in his place.

    I wish I had had Dave's camera, instead of his phone, when the fit, young journalist saw 50+ me, who has not climbed for 20 years, and realised I was to be the belayer on his first climbing trip on Flinders!!! Luckily Dave got to us in time, to save him from me!