Monday, October 25, 2010

There was no Chianti or liver

...but the fava beans - the first broad beans out of the garden boiled for 8 minutes, and tossed with butter and fresh mint were eaten. As were some of the beetroots with a little orange and pine-nuts (a good combination). Broad beans are not much of a South African dish and I've never eaten them before.

Well, I have had a better day today after yesterday's fury with myself (I've been using a computer since 1983. Never spilled anything on a keyboard). Keyboard now appears to be working and i got through a further 2K (a hard section, linking) today. So far, so good.

I need to make some ball-sinkers tomorrow. I have a mould, and have made sinkers before but only ones with eyes. These have a center hole and I imagine I must put a wire through. Not sure how you stop it staying in forever though. Pull it out when it is hot?

Pads writes his first exam tonight (well, Monday for him). Holding thumbs for my boy.

Puggles has learned how to open the fly-screen door. unfortunately he hasn't learned to close it behind him (and he actually like flies nearly as much as I do.

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  1. One of these:
    If so jump to last paragraph.

    I suspect there is a terminology defference here. We call a ball sinker a big ball with a wire loop that is imbedded...real big ones are for downriggers, slightly smaller ones usually for bottom fishing where the round shape has less hold then a pyramid but will not snag like a pyramid.

    The other type of round sinker is known as a weedless of or bottom bouncer. In the case of these two there is a wire that goes through. These are pulled through weeds and rock. The wire turns inside iwth difficulty. In a case like that you simply dip the wire in flux, lay it in the mold and pour your lead. If you are intending the wire to stay in twist your eyelets before casting.

    If you want a wire that pulls out, such as on an egg sinker, so you can slip the weight on mono then use an absolutely straight peice of wire. It should oiled or smoked before casting. It should be pulled out very shortly after pouring. This time will vary according to the diametre of the mold. If you are talking about 1/2 oz egg sinkers or less that's going to be slight tens of seconds after pouring. Bigger weights need slightly more time, but before it has time to cool and shrink.