Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tour de Flinders

There is a cycle race around our island. I am putting this up really too late for anyone to plan to come over this year as it is on 7 November, but for next year, put it on your calendar as a time to get over here and enjoy a ride.

We even have a cyclist this year, who has ridden in the Tour de France, coming to take part in our race here on the island. It will be quite a change of scene for him, I reckon.

I am looking forward to being a keen spectator!


  1. Dear Barbs and the GREAT SF/F writer

    Still waiting for Gypsies In Space. sigh.

    More importantly, waiting for you guys to select your future.

    The home Barbs visited in the past week read as exactly what the Freer parents desired: away from the mainstream, a Do It Yourself fixup, etc.

    BUT. The life the Freer's have been celebrating in their posts is integrated into a community which displays normal weaknesses, but more importantly displays inclusive friendship and love.

    To this humble viewer of your site, I think you are facing a hard decision - continue to have people who like you drop in ad hoc, or move out to where drop ins are restricted to those who drive.

    Personally, having lived in an industrial slum for fifteen years, where friendship is scarce, I'd recommend you stay near town. But that's probably presumptuous of me.

    Whatever your choice, I wish you well. I would greatly appreciate seeing your thoughts on the matter.

    Ian Clark
    Gladstone QLD OZ

  2. How many miles is it?

  3. The house is 38kms from our current rented house, on an island 60kms long, that is FAR AWAY!!

    It is almost as far from town as you can get without swimming!

    At the moment finances will dictate where we end up, more than wishes, I think. I would like to be more isolated than we are at present, but still within easy reach of shops and visitors. That is do-able here, but we need to get rich first!

    It is all still watch this space... who knows where we will be in 2 years time, certainly not me. I just hope it is still somewhere on this island.