Monday, October 11, 2010

Here there were, and there they go!

Well, I am now not sure whether to be pleased or peeved. I spent hours of sweat and tears getting the advertisements onto our site, and had got used to seeing them there. I even saw an ad for ugboots I was interested in, and remembered not to click on it, but to go to the website, as we are not allowed to make ourselves money.

Then yesterday I thought I would go to our account and see if we had made any money, and there was $30, and I was really pleased.

This morning I get an email to tell me that there has been illegal activity on the ads, and our account has been terminated! We can appeal, and I have done so, but I am not sure what we did wrong, or whether they feel that visitors have been clicking and not buying, anyway we are now ad free.

So, for the moment, enjoying an ad free read, it may not last...


  1. Ugh. I hope none of your readers was under the mistaken impression that clicking on ads a jillion times was doing you a favor.

  2. That's crappy, and sadly I think it was likely someone with 'good intentions' doing multiple clicks. Here's hoping you get exonerated.

  3. Hi Barb

    Hopefully your appeal will work. The idea of the ads was that if you were interested, you would click. Anyone trying to make you money by mass clicking did you a disservice :(

  4. Oh, well, the Adsense people have decided that we will remain ad free! I think it had something to do with us having readers from all over the world, and not just confined to one country, but they have politely turned down my appeal.

    But on the bright side, the school paid me almost double what I was expecting!! So I am really pleased, either I rate myself cheap, or they are really generous people, I don't care which, I am just happy to have money to put into the common pot.