Friday, October 29, 2010

Cabin Fever

Wind or work or flying pork rolls I think I need to get out tomorrow morning. It's horrible tonight, blowing and wuthering out there. But I am getting serious cabin fever, and had to kill the same section in the story 3 times today. (Because it bored me. It didn't work. I have a low tolerance for boring). I thought I'd do some sinker casting (making them) - but got a couple of visitors... so that went by board. And then concience got me back to my desk. It didn't do me a lot of good but it got me here.


  1. Go for the flying pork rolls! First, find a flying pig... (watch out for all the stuff that happens when pigs fly, though)...

  2. I read today that the Prognosticating Octopus Of World Cup fame had been found dead. The article said the aquarium owners were trying to deside what to do with the thing. My immediate thought was "lightly battered and served with marinara". Immediately afterwords I thought "I wonder if Dave would do it in garlic instead?"

  3. No, in a stew with black mussels and crayfish!