Friday, October 15, 2010

I leap off the pedestal.

Well, yesterday was certainly a day to remember. Our two visitors had a morning in which one had a boat ride and saw some abalone caught, and the other learned that if you are cycling with the gradient and wind with you one way, when you turn around....

Still, I think they enjoyed their respective mornings, the afternoon was spent in another boat, going to visit some really amazing island scenery, and rock climbing.

Then we had a frantic rush back home, and I insisted on breaking our 'take out' rule, and Rosemary ordered food for us from the pub. We got home with 20 mins to deal with a catch of abalone, shower all 4 of us, fetch and eat our chicken parmi, and get to Scottish dancing.

All of this on the day before the Flinders Island Show. So the pub was full to bursting point, and running a bit late with meals, so we ended up arriving late at dancing carrying our untouched food, and eating it while the others did the first dance!

Still, it certainly was an evening to remember, as one of the original dancers is still with the group, 19 years on, and had her 70th birthday celebration last night. I would not have missed it for anything. She got an award for 'nearly perfect attendance', but it was the wonderful feeling of group 'goodwill' (for want of a better word) that made it so memorable.

I certainly paid the price tonight for the take out yesterday. Dave had decided what he would cook for the two French lads before they arrived, and I had removed one meal from the menu. So today started with a green lip abalone omelette, and then supper was a two course meal, with squid (cooked 2 different ways, both the rings and the tentacles), black lip abalone, crayfish and rice,(containing brocolli and seaweed).

So the warning goes out, if you come to stay bring a spare stomach. But they manfully ate for France, and took pictures to send off home, to make the parents jealous, or to encourage them to come and visit us.


  1. That is all Dave,not me! He cooks it, and then goes the extra mile to make it look good on the plate!