Friday, October 8, 2010


I was so deep out on the Dogger banks (writing about) as to forget completely that I had to write something for the blog. The truth is there is not a lot to write about. B took the Ute down to Lady Barron to get it serviced and was most impressed. David seems very thorough. The blue slug has been chewing fuel, so let's hope for an improvement. Apparently the plugs were stuffed. You don't even want to think about what fuel costs here.

Some pestilential little thrips are getting at my plants. They've killed a couple of the smaller tomato seedlings and have been doing damage to the silver-beet and lettuce. They seem to eat under the outer membrane of the leaf. They're tiny black and scuttle when I come to squish them. Not too sure, what, short of spraying or squishing them by hand to do about them.

We're expecting B's French cousins on Tuesday - hope the weather shapes up.


  1. You sprinkle on the ground and on leaves that can tolerate it. It's made of wee, small diatoms that gave up the ghost ages ago. The deceased diatom's silcon shells gets into the evil doers carapace and spiracula which either kills them or makes them so uncomfortable they move on.

  2. "B took the Ute down to Lady Barron to get serviced and was most impressed."

    To avoid any possible confusion you might want to put an "it" in there... ;-)