Thursday, October 28, 2010

Out of Africa

We had a relief sister - nursing at the multipurpose center - brought out to introduce to us here. She's from Kenya (so we must know each other, we're all from Africa). We got talking about Africa - The lady who brought her around sat there with her eyes out on stalks. The realities of HIV and things like the flying toilets and ideas like widow marriage were a bit of a shock. It was obviously nice though for her to talk about Africa with people who had been there, because she joined us at the Scottish dancing (Which had its token representative from every continent there). It was probably the worst attended night we've had which was a pity, but, ah, we made up for it in chaos. I've got on with the book a bit, and in sheer exasperation paid telstra 35 cents. Yes, you all remember the faulty 3G internet thing that got sent back to them, which I eventually got refunded for, and of course they then kept harassing me to pay for, (meanwhile I have replacement which is paid for) and how I eventually got them to back off back with threats of the Telecoms ombudsman? Well, they sent me final demand threatening letter... for 36 cents. For a piece of equipment that was returned to them, for which they refunded me in full, for which if anyone owes anything they owe me. Well, calling them would cost me money, and time so I decided 36 cents in small change was easier. Yeah i know. Giving in. Anyway the PO rounds off the amounts and ergo, I paid 35 cents.
I bet I get a final demand bill for 1 cent next month.


  1. Ah. Yeah.

    Look, on behalf of all Australia, I'd like to apologise for Telstra. In every possible way.

    Now let us never speak of it again.

  2. Well,

    Telstra has just brought us
    ~~ ADSL2+, 100 GB download, unlimited upload,
    ~~ Unlimited, untimed STD calls at no cost.
    ~~ Unlimited, untimed calls to Telstra mobiles at no cost. I can Talk To My Kids without skipping a meal. Yeah.
    ~~ Package cost $126 per month, far cheaper than my monthly bill for 'phones and 'net yesterday.
    ~~ WiFi Internet connection for my son, 8.7GB per month, $40, 8.5 GBps average.

    Yeah, yeah, I know, Telstra can be bums. Well, if Dave calls 1800 814 042, he should be able to get all solved. Its a free call, except for the hour or two it may take out of Dave's time.


    For Dave,

    My brother, who lives in Hobart, informs me the OZ government is providing free installation of broadband to all of Tasmania. Your business group should be actively seeking inclusion of Flinders Island in the mix.


    Sad the housing post below is unanswered. I know I embarrassed you, but that was some years ago, and I did give my most heartfelt apologies. I have better tablets nowadays! :-)

  3. Well, Dirk -- I suspect they have a bit of a legacy problem - being and their admin sucks -- but to be fair they just called -- without me complaining to them and apologised.

  4. Ian- if you look back you'll see I have not replied to anyone for a few days -chasing deadlines, it's not you.

    I'm hoping that the island WILL capitalise on the broadband thing - I feel it's small enough to be a bit of test-case proving ground. But they need to move on this.

    House... well, the decision is very much on hold, until the boy finishes Uni or a lot of money comes in. Right now I am being further hammered by the exchange rate, and can't afford to move. The island is not that big that anywhere is outside of an hour's drive, and most of our friends already come from outside town.

  5. Thanks for the reassurance Dave. I burnt a lot of bridges in the bad days. Its good to know not all have been firewalled.


  6. Ian, I am sorry, that was my post and I had not replied to your comment.

    In my defence I must say that yesterday I worked 8-5, had visitors 5.30-7, ate supper, scottish danced 7.30-9.30 and was then too tired to talk to anybody!

    I really enjoyed the day, and I am not in any way complaining, it was all fun, I was just exhausted at the end of it.

    The house looked really cute, and very us, but also very small, and right on the road, which I reckon would have one car a day on it, in holiday season!

    Still, if it is still available when we are looking, it is definitely worth a visit. I would like to take Dave up to look at it, next time we are that end of the island.

  7. Thanks Barbs.

    at some stage I'll talk about my kids - totally different stories to yours yet amazing parallels.