Wednesday, October 13, 2010

cramming it in

Well, our visitors are only here for such a short time, that we have not let the weather stand in our way. We went out to patriarchs and collected clams and taught them to throw-net, and collect oysters. Marc caught quite a few mullet and shrimps and Bastien some little flounder that we photographed and put back.
We then did a detour to Patriarchs Sanctuary so they could see Wallaby close up,

and then back for lunch, spicy rolls and Carol's vanilla slice (lucky kids) and B did CWA and I took them to waterfalls on Strzelecki, and then down to Trousers Point and to our leatherjacket spot. They both got a good number of fish, Bastien getting a fine sweep and Marc getting broken off by a big leatherjacket. and then came home and met one of our friends, visiting. They then had oyserters fried in garlic, clames in a wine sauce with pasta, and then fish and pink-eye potatoes. No energy for dessert... Bastien fell asleep before dinner, and Marc near asleep into his plate. In bed already, and that's an easy day compared to tomorrow. Huh. Youth of today. And I put in 2 hours work before they got up this morning :-).

They're having fun I hope.

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  1. I'm betting your Leatherjacket is a different species then mine. Mine has a bright yellow tail and a silver body, it tastes a bit like Bluefish.