Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Gah. Blogger ATE my last post, just when i was trying for something fast and get back to work, as we've had a rather interrupted day - Thunderstorms. These are not the if 3 days passes and you haven't had one something is wrong storms of the Natal Midlands. I really appreciate not having to turn off and unplug and lose hours and focus. But the storm was close today so I did. And regretted it. The screen did not come on when I rebooted. I got B's screen and got it to work, and ran another shutdown, tried mine - and it worked. But the internet didn't. Panic. This is our lifeline - I need to work, and work a lot, just to try and catch up. Emigrating puts you 20 years back they say... Anyway. Rebooting and jiggling and appeals to Finigle must have worked - because I am back up. It's also our contact with the kids, and I worry.

Got a nice surprise in the post today - a pressie from New Zealand! You shouldn't have guys. Thank you. :-)

Snow forecast for Tassie tonight - I hope my tomato seedlings are OK.


  1. Cheap painters plastic. Probably not available here, but here you get a 9 x 12 5 mil thick for $3.00. Bundles up tight and small, but you can toss it over a few sticks while the sun is still out.

  2. good idea for future - the downside of course being 30 knot winds today.

  3. Do you have hay? I seem to recollect my Grandmother covering the garden in hay when there was a late frost?