Monday, October 18, 2010

Ever onwards

It looks like the dread munching mini-bugs have killed one of the three zucchini I have planted out. Unfortunately the vegetables are yet to show the robust strength of the grass, which is threatening to overwhelm us. Still, bugs or no bugs I have to get some of the plants out. They're getting too big for the seedling growing pots.
It also seems to be getting toward the end that I can drag the silverbeet and italian parsley out for, and some of the bulb fennel I've had in over winter - all doing their best to go to seed. The broccolli - we've been eating side shoots for months now, are also getting a bit woody. I reckon I've got maybe a week or two on them.

On the positive side it looks like the broad beans are nearly there. I'm hoping lettuce gets a shift on enough, and we've got a fair amount of carrots and beets to harvest. I need more plants ready to get in, and also a bit more soil improvement, and prepaations for the pumpkins, melons (I have watermelon and rock-melon seeds germinated and up) more squashes, and more potatoes to plan that won't fit in the raised beds. Ideally I need about twice the area... and another life, to write and fish in. I've only done about 1.1K today... and another 1.5 on the other blog (TG -that's only once a week) and work another book. And a fair amount of e-mail.

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