Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some of us have good days, while others....

Today I went off fishing with 2 friends and a small child (not quite 3).

We went out in a boat on the North East River and trawled behind the boat for Australian Salmon. At first we had 2 handlines out, and a rod and reel, and one steering the boat, and one looking after the darling little girl, who was a total honey all day. But after a while the boat owner decided to give up fishing, and just deal with steering and parenting. All in all we got a big catch, but embarrassingly enough I caught 3/4 of the fish. In the end both lines had the same lures on them, (they had started different) but mine just caught a lot more. So I had a really good day.

Luckily for me, the other two did not make me gut all my own fish, we made a production line of it, and cleaned them all together on the beach. About 25/30 pelicans hung around in the water, just out of gut range, ready to clean up the moment we moved away from the gutting station. Our little helper kept wanting to wade out and pat one, and although they would only have been about waist deep for her we discouraged her!!!

Dave did not have a good day. He had stayed home, to be good, and get some work done. Unfortunately he had spilled some coffee on his keyboard early in the morning, and when he went back to work it had seized up! Even more unfortunately my computer is older, and my keyboard is not USB, so he couldn't just use mine. He does have 'voice to text' but it does not work really well for him, so he cut grass and wood and was not happy.

We have ordered a new keyboard on line, and hope that it arrives really really fast.

Unfortunately I did not take Dave's camera with me, or you would have pics of a beautiful sunny day, with 3 other boats dancing around us on the river, a cute blonde little girl and a huge catch of fish, but instead you will just have to imagine the scene!


  1. Hum -- seized up? Mechanically frozen? All keys or just some? If it's just some, carefully taking it apart and cleaning the ones that have frozen can sometimes restore it. Since it isn't working, taking it apart isn't quite as risky, but watch out for little springs! In some models they like to jump out and hide.

  2. It would appear that you are quite right this time. I've had it apart 4 times, and the last was better... but sitting time seems to have fixed it. It's a relief. Now I need to catch up.

  3. You know, you can put a keyboard under running water to wash it. I've known Coca-Cola to be spilt onto a keyboard and washed off under the tap. Haven't tried it myself, mind you.

  4. I've always had mixed luck with cleaning off keyboards. I'm glad you got yours up and running. Being in the country, it might not hurt to have a spare.

  5. Dave:
    It would appear that you are quite right this time. I've had it apart 4 times, and the last was better... but sitting time seems to have fixed it. It's a relief. Now I need to catch up.

    Since you have presumably still got the spare on order - do plug it in and make sure it works when you get it because there is nothing worse than finding out that it doesn't work when you really need to use it...

  6. Thank you all. Yes, I'll do that, Francis. Good point.

  7. no need for pics...your prose provided a beautiful image...looking forward to Dave's next book. :)

  8. Hi y'all.

    Got nothing to do with keyboards but got a good idea over email this a.m. Use plastic bottle tops to seal plastic bags. Needs pics, but I'll try to explain.

    Cut neck (with screw cap) off plastic bottle. Feed plastic bag through inside of bottle top and wrap over edge, then screw the cap back on. Whoops, forgot to mention that you should put whatever it is you wish to store into the plastic bag before you feed and screw - but I bet you worked that out.

    Is this eco frinedly ? Hope so, seems to be, re-use and all that.

  9. Hi Dave

    Please keep your old keyboard, mine is faulty - "frinedly" indeed.