Sunday, October 17, 2010

Morels, pictures

We went to a lunch-time barbie at Trousers Point, which was fun. Putting the pieces together and joining up some more of interconnected web that is Flinders we met Dr Bob (the Island's long time Doctor, now retired) and his wife who is as near to a local mushroom expert as we have and got told about Morels - a mushroom I have read about but never eaten. We saw a cephalopod egg mass washed up, which is rather interesting.
Well to me anyway. The Mollusca really are bound by some similarities - you would not think it when looking at something like a squid and abelone.

Anyway - as I am very often taking the photos, I have gone through Marc's collection and have posted a few of me at my various persuits.

Here diving - the hookah pipe snagging on my snorkel.

A typical going fishing picture. We fish light and travel light.

And we don't drink beer after climbing, even though Marc and Bastien owe me several slabs for use of knees, for me catching them falling, and for standing on my rope.


  1. Springtime is the time for morels. I was mentioning last year about the false morel, don't know if you have them in Oz. But that's why I always cook morels; it renders the slight poison in the False harmless.

  2. I've read about the false morels. I really don't know much about them, as I've never come closer than a picture. But all will be cooked!

  3. You don't drink beer after climbing?! but that renders the whole exercise pointless...

  4. Francis - look carefully at the picture :-)

  5. Ah heck, failed to pay close attention to the image. Ooops