Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ah bah

It was a beautiful, almost windless (very very rare) hot day, with the swell forecast on some rocks I want to investigate on the west coast 30 cm (it's usually at best over 1 metre - often more). Unfortunately my publisher sent me the proofs for MUCH FALL OF BLOOD and a please it's very urgent can we have these back by close of business Friday. So as it is a 600 page book, Barbs and I have just been doing that solidly. Quick break now for mail and supper.


  1. If that's at close of business Friday in the USA at least you get another day to do it. One of the perks of being in Australia. The rest of the world is a day behind. ;)

  2. I love Much Fall of Blood! I got the copy (rtf you sent me, thanks by the way) as well as a free advance trade copy from my independent bookstore. Melissa (manager) saves all the Baen advanced copies for me!

    She made me buy Dragon's Ring and Sorceress tho, darn it! Was hoping she had freebies for those alo, sigh... So spoiled, yes? Oh yeah, I also have the eArcs.
    Hey! Now that you be where mail can actually get to you, I wonder if I shipped off a box-o-books for your illustrious sig, yea or nay?

  3. Tan, it's a blessing. John - I suspect you could address it to me, Flinders Island, and it would get here. It's that kind of place - But the proper address is Box 153, Whitemark 7255, Flinders Island, Tasmania, Australia. Glad you enjoyed the book!

  4. John
    I'm a Dave Freer addict. I usually get to read Dave's copy, then buy it on Webscriptions then buy the hard copy.