Monday, March 8, 2010

I believe it was a public holiday today. Ah to be 'public'. Anyway, it was raining cats and rats (bouncy ones with pouches) and I finally did a bunch of roundtuit stuff - which somehow extended the list! And now there is thunder rumbling away at us. It's been very odd weather - quite warm - mid twenties I reckon and wet. Not what I expect. Anyway, this too will pass and I daresay in winter we will long for warmth. I missed a call from my brother and am now suddenly realising we're a long way from were we came from. I think this probably loops back and hits you from time to time. I'd better get offline now as I need to unplug.


  1. Oh that makes me feel so much better :-/. Did you get any?

  2. Round tuits group themselves in exponential numbers in inverted pyramids. You lift one up, and there are four with those, and there are eight more.

    The trick is never to disturb the top one :-)


  3. I've never considered it "very warm" till it's over 35°C, but I guess it's all in what you're used to. Twenties is just perfect weather. If it could be looked for more often than April and October, that would be nice ...

    The trick with round tuits is to prove to yourself that you DID actually get a bunch of them -- say, write yourself an ex post facto list (assuming you didn't start with one) and cross everything off.


  4. Lin - I did move some of the top ones and now it's too late...

  5. Abigail - I guess it comes down to expecting things to be the same ;-). When you have a storm in the Midlands where we came from - the temperature would drop -5-10 degrees. A storm was a relief from the heat. This was rain, without relief. The list got a bunch of stuff crossed off... and expanded like a peony. Ah well the concience feels better.