Saturday, March 27, 2010

a flat day

One of those 'and nothing much happened and I worked on the book' days. I am a little closer to understanding what 'Byzantine' means as I spent several hours trying to come to terms with the relative ranks of heirarchy in Byzantium. Answer seems to be: the more ranks and more heirachical and stratified your socety, the more inevitable its fall. Hmm. Maybe I could get quite keen on the whole Aussie 'tall poppy are you?' syndrome.

There are some green beans almost ready for picking and the first sign of cucumbers. And more of these.

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  1. There was an excellent text on the Byzantine economy that, in the tradition of follow the money, was probably one of the best guides I've ever read as to the internal structures of the empire. Unfortunately I can't quite remember the author/title at the moment. It's probably not this one as I would have read it in the late 80's/early 90's. Still, whichever book it was, I heartily recommend it to anyone looking at Byzantium and it's history. <grin>