Monday, March 22, 2010

I bit off more than I could chew.

Today we decided that if we were going 'all the way' over to the East side of the island, we might as well make it a worthwhile trip!

So we got up early and hit the estuary at low tide and collected clams, and amazingly enough, Dave found some oysters.

But we had to hurry as we had an appointment at 10 to see a wonderful lady we had met on our bus trip. So we had a coffee with her and she gave us a huge selection of fresh veggies from her garden, including a lemon, which is beyond price with the amount of seafood we are eating.

Then off to the farm our landlord is working on, in time to almost lend him a hand with a sheep. We had another coffee, and then borrowed his chainsaw to cut some firewood. He is getting us a wood heater for the house, which should arrive next week, and the wood needs to dry out a bit before we can burn it. We have had no need for a heater yet, but the daytime temperatures are definitely dropping fast. So we cut and packed half a load of firewood before we ran out of petrol, and we had forgotten to take any with us. That will do us nicely for a start, I am sure.

But now I feel as if I have done a day of hard labour. Definitely I need to break tasks down into less per day, so as to keep busy every day, rather than trying to fit it all into one morning.

Still we have come back with several meals, and proved that there are oysters here, even if not very many. So it was a good day, or so I will think by tomorrow.

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