Monday, March 29, 2010


The Green Roswellas decided to have a riot outside the bedroom this morning. Actually I think they're called Rosellas, but it was more like the aftermath of an alien abduction scene. Screech squawk chatterscreech squawk (repeat). Clatter about on the tin roof. Screech squawk chatterscreech squawk (repeat at increased volume). (Translated: "Where have BEEN all bloody night, you useless bum?!" "I was abducted by Aliens." (swat) "Aliens! ALIENS! I'll GIVE you bloody aliens. It's that Myra Greenfeather from the pub, you lying bastard.")

After this promising start I got and went for a walk. I was not disembowled by any Wallabies or abducted by aliens. It was still dark, so perhaps they were all in bed. I've been trying to get a good picture of the Green Rosellas for about two weeks now, but they're not easy with my little point-n-shoot. They're rather startling green and bright blue wild parrot-type things that fly about these parts in... shall we say, rather loud groups. They seem prone to things like crash landing in gum trees and falling off the windi-dry (which has an Australian name that avoids me right now). I think the master designer had got carried away with the beak and had to put the rest of the bird together in a hurry before knock-off time.

For my lunch today I had Vegemite on my sandwich (all part of the 'Learn to be Australian' thing). See what it has done to me already. It's either that or wrestling with the Australian PLR registration - which, as I have to fill in one form for every ISBN of every edition of every book I have been involved in (and I don't have enough fingers and have run out of toes to count on), could have this effect.

But I think I'll stick to blaming the Vegemite.


  1. Well look at it this way. If you'd emigrated to England you might be trying Marmite which is what Vegemite (briefly a.k.a iSnack 2.0) is the sickly pale imitation of

  2. How did you like Vegemite? I've had it twice. The first time I thought it was okay. The second time it was all I could do to not do something rude like spitting it out.

  3. Katrina - I think it's one of those things that's better in moderation. But I will persevere ;-)

  4. Francis, if I'd emigrated to England I would need more than marmite to blame for my state of mind. Besides the weather there are people everywhere. I have a finite tolerance for lots of people.

  5. windi-dry = Hills Hoist aka rotary clothes line?

    I miss the Australian dawn choruses. In Brisbane we'd get the woop-woop bird (no idea what it's actually called, but that's what the sound is like: four "woop" calls, first two long second two short, mid, low, high, high. Start a few hours before sunup and carry on until about 10 am.) Rosella and cockatoo chatter, lovebird screeches... Birds here in the states are damn near silent. I see them. I never hear them.

  6. yes that's it. Hills Hoist. Windidry is an easier-to-remember name.

    We get the chorus unless the wind is blowing so hard you can't hear it (which happens here) Normally I am awake anyway. This morning I wasn't - and it all happened about 4 yards from my head.

  7. vegemite == yummalicious!!
    The mistake many people make is spreading it way too thick. It should be spread in a mere scrape.
    Now...never would I try the new cheesybite (ex iSnack 2.0). If it aint broke - don't fix it!